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HIV from A to ZII edition

After finishing this activity, the participants should be able to update themselves in the most current knowledge about HIV/AIDS and its complications, including information regarding epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment of HIV infection and its complications. They should also be able to translate the latest basic and laboratory research into their daily clinical practice, including new developments in relevant HIV pathogenesis, comorbidities and antiretroviral treatment.


  • The program is made up of twelve modules and each of them is composed of two presentations and one knowledge test per module.
  • Each month a module will be published so that the learner will finish the full program after one year. The program starts in September 2022 and finishes in August 2023.
  • As successive modules are published, the previous ones will be always available to those who missed them or wish to review them.
  • Sessions will be available in Spanish and English. We encourage participants to always access the same language to complete the program.


  • At the beginning of each month, a new module will be released.. Participants will have two months to watch and complete the test of each new module to obtain CME credits. However, each module will remain available and those who complete the test after the two months deadline will receive the certificate of attendance.
  • Those who passed with 70% of correct answers, will be able to obtain their CME credits. Only the first attempt will be valid.

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